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Read more about Computer Generation here —

Generation of Computer | Computer Generation
Generation of Computer | Computer Generation
Generation of Computer

First Generation ( 1942–1955 )

Hardware Technology - Vacuum Tubes Machine

Software Technology -Machine and assembly language

Characteristics -Big Size, unreliable, limited commercial use

Representative System -ENIAC, EDVAC,EDSAC, IBM 701Second

Second Generation ( 1955 -1964 )

Hardware Technology — Transistors

Software Technology -Batch OS, High-level programming language

Characteristics -Faster, smaller, more reliable and easier to program

Representative System -Honeywell 400, IBM 7030, CDC 1604

Third Generation ( 1964–1975 )

Hardware Technology — ICs with SSI and MSI

Software Technology -Timesharing OS, High-level Programming Language

Characteristics -Faster, smaller, Easier and cheaper to produce commercially

Representative System -IBM 360/370, PDP 8, PDP-11

Fourth Generation ( 1975–1989 )

Hardware Technology — ICs with VLSI technology



In the Previous lecture, We learned about the basic concept of programming language. I hope you all read that blog already

if not, then kindly read that blog first and then come to this blog.

General Information About Python

Guido van Rossum is the creator of the Python programming language, first released in the early 1990s. Its name comes from a 1970s British comedy sketch television show called Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Some Basic Features of Python are -

  1. Python has a Simple Syntax.
  2. Python programs are more like English sentences.
  3. Big Giant Tech Companies such as — Google, Youtube, Facebook, etc. …

Programming is the coolest thing for all those people who have little interest in computers. According to my understanding, programming is not a course but a passion for all computer lovers.

Python language is spreading rapidly into the programming world. Most giant digital companies using python for developing their applications. The demand for python developers is rising day by day.

And, if we talk about the future scope of python programming language then I undoubtedly not wrong if I say the future of python, as well as the future of their developer both, are very bright.

Yes, you read right you just need to make some good friends but by a good friend, I am talking about books. As our ancestor says, the book is the best friend of every human.

In this post, we will learn the decision control statement. Under this tutorial, we will be going through these following topics –

Introduction of Decision control statement

Before going into the details of the branching and looping control statements, we should know that-

Today we are going to familiar with the concept of Decision control statement in Python. Here you will learn about -

  • What is Decision Control Statement
  • Types of Decision control Flow?
  • If
  • If -Else
  • If-elif Statement
  • What is Loop?
  • Why we need to use a loop?
  • Types of Loops

Java Programming Practical Question with Solution

What is Decision Control Statement?

Decision Control statement is a statement that determines the control flow of a set of instructions. means D.C.S decides the sequence in which instruction in the program is to be executed.

The three fundamental methods of control flow in a programming language are -

  1. Sequential Control
  2. Selection Control
  3. iterative Control


In general, the Standard way to save and run a python program is as follows:

  1. Open an editor.
  2. Write the instructions.
  3. Save it as a file with the filename having the
  4. Run the interpreter with the command python or use IDLE to run the program.

On very first open your editor

Python is one of the most demanding language in today’s time. There are numerous opportunities available for all Python programmers. Most of the big digital giant companies used python language for enhancing their products such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and many more.

Today I am going to tell you the best strategies to learn python from the very beginning and become a master of this language.

You have to do only one thing that, follow my all strategies with full dedication and enthusiasm and never lose your self-confidence.

I have distributed my strategies into three parts-


Today we are breathing in the world of competition. Every single person pushing themselves towards success but few of them only achieve it. The reason behind this, people still believing that only hard work makes them successful but, the truth is you have to work hard with smartly.

So, I bring the seven Golden goals of your life, if you follow these goals then you will definitely learn python in seven-week from the very beginning to advanced and also you get your favorite job.

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